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Export Proof Cities & Sustainability

Albuquerque Cultural Conference

Here’s a great article from Alternet about the local business movement and sustainability. We need more community members working toward sustainability here in the Southwest. We have some businesses and local organizations focused on sustainable practice that are doing great, but how can we motivate more businesses to work on their sustainability?

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Have you heard about the Undocubus?


The NY Times covers the story of the Undocubus–a bus full of undocumented people traveling from AZ to NC for the Democratic National Convention.  They’ll be coming through NM soon…

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Let’s get “big”

Albuquerque Cultural Conference

Someone looking over our panels has protested, “But they’re all local and regional – the border, ‘Can Tucson Happen Here?’, community writing, our literary publication, the status of our neighborhoods – so where’s the attraction for folks from out of town?” Well, we think there’s plenty, first of all because communities, neighborhoods, and local publication […]

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inspiring & productive meeting

Albuquerque Cultural Conference

Our conference organizing committee met yesterday, as we will every ten days leading up to the conference. We’re gaining momentum every day and the report backs each meeting about how panels are shaping up spur us on in our commitments to the conference. The conference schedule – as it’s developed so far – is on […]

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