Albuquerque Cultural Conference

Day 2 of Conference

Today is the final day of this year’s conference. Lots of talk about education happening–with panels like Can Tuscon Happen Here?, Cosmopolitanism, Education for Freedom, and discussions about Poets in the Schools in the Slam panel around, it would be a hard topic to avoid. The institutions of education, new educational policies, controversies, community ed programs, and alternative education are being discussed from several different angles. While a distillation of opinions and these discussions would be highly desirable, after walking amongst conference attendees today I’d be hard pressed to find a consensus. I can safely say it’s a topic we all feel strongly about and most of us are working hard to strengthen and improve the educational opportunities available in our communities. I’m letting all this talk marinate–seeing what flavors become strongest. More later…

About Shauna

Shauna Osborn is an activist, artist, author, and educator working in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
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