Albuquerque Cultural Conference

April 20, 2013 Planning Conference Notes

Our Albuquerque Cultural Conference planning conference was held April 20, 2013.

Among the ideas discussed at the meeting, Levi Romero discussed la cultura, which he said includes food, land, water, and community issues along with what is generally considered “culture”—paintings, dance, music, theater and other performances. As a result we are providing time for conference goers to know each other, reducing the number of panels and allowing more time between panels, workshops, etc., and holding a pot luck dinner Saturday night so people can share a favorite dish followed by a poetry reading with music and performances.

Michele Welsing came from Los Angeles where she is Communications Director for the Southern California Library. She told us about programs at the Library including a book project written in part by members of gangs in the area. Michele encouraged us to look closely at our Conference mission and goals for the weekend. We also discussed briefly the topics for our 2013 Conference and how local and regional cultural and community groups would contribute.

Following our April 20 Albuquerque Cultural Conference meeting we’ve pulled together ideas for further planning. Here’s what we’ve come up with.

Title, place date of the conference: “Protecting, Preserving, Promoting Our Common Culture.” At Harwood Art Center, September 28-29, 2013.

Structure: This year we’re expanding our panel discussions by adding a workshop to follow each panel and including storytelling, music and food/meals in a much more meaningful manner.


  1. Sustainability of our common culture. Moderator to be determined. Workshop, Shauna Osborn.
  2. Education under siege. Moderator, Irene Vasquez. Workshop, Michele Welsing
  3. Artists and Activists. Moderator, Maria Gallegos. Workshop moderator to be determined.



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