The Albuquerque Cultural Conference is a project of West End Press. It launched in 2007 by West End Press Publisher John Crawford, and named to recall the Kansas City Cultural Conferences of the late 1970s.

To date, there have been five Albuquerque Cultural Conferences (2007, 2008, 2010, 2011 and 2012). We’ve evolved in form and content, and meet in two- or three-day sessions in September at the Harwood Art Center. We concentrate on maintaining high energy on low budgets, with a combination of panels, workshops and evening performances. We feature mixed presentations of readings, performance art, and music. We also offer a book exhibit with opportunities for publishers, authors, and the readership that makes up our ranks.

The Discussion Forums

You may register free of charge for our conference discussion forums (see “forums” section of this website).  This will enable you to freely participate in pre-conference discussions about the nature of the conference as a whole, or view any plans for sharing transportation or accommodation on this end.

The Conference Blog

Check out the conference blog for news and information about conference goings on and about our remarkable performers and presenters. You’ll also find articles and the like about issues relevant to the conference. We want you to join our discussion so please comment on what you find on the blog.

A major innovation at this year’s conference will be an ongoing forum discussion and a blog, with an eye to forming a cultural archive, a library collection, other educational and organizational material, and eventually a publication program of pamphlets of interest to our membership. We’ll implement this program after this year’s conference is over. Be ready to join this discussion!