Event Call

We’ve scheduled a new event this year – a one day Staging Event on Saturday, October 18, 2014 at the Harwood Art Center. We’ve set a single morning conversation with a performance and poetry reading in the evening. Our agenda for discussion is ambitious. We’ll consider how art and performance of culture are essential not only major issues of our time, but also offer the focus for growth and change we must address. Throughout the morning, we’ll discuss how we build community among artists and participants of all social, ethnic, educational, and cultural backgrounds; and regional activists and advocates, and members of our community. We’ll discuss areas of concern that we have as an entire society. We may consider continuing our conversation in an afternoon session.

The Saturday night performance will emphasize grassroots writers who are products of the last decade here. The reading will also reflect new programs in cultural studies (Chicano, Native American and others) at University of New Mexico, including poet-teachers in the classroom and students serving the community as teachers in literacy programs. Regional performers will also attend, from locations including Taos, Santa Fe, Chimayo, several of the Western Pueblos, and the Navajo Nation. There will be significant time allotted for an open mic, allowing artists in the community an opportunity to showcase their work.

The Staging Event anticipates the Albuquerque Cultural Conference: Building Culture and Community in the Spring 2015. We believe the changes we’re facing are so fundamental, we need more time to sort them out before the Conference. The Staging Event is an opportunity to set the stage for our traditional Conference weekend in the Spring 2015.

We invite you to join us October 18, 2014 at the Harwood Art Center to participate in the conversation and planning the 2015 Albuquerque Cultural Conference.

The Spring 2015 Albuquerque Cultural Conference: Building Culture and Community will address performance, education, and publication as they support and sustain our intellectual, economic and social community. The Conference supports performance activities and literacy programs in the schools and at local venues, especially directed towards young people. We support the teaching of literacy with an emphasis on social development and the community role of the artists involved in our program. By this approach, our cultural program offers not only education but empowerment and citizenship. We support a broad contingent of spoken word and dramatic performers, teachers and writers, and other artists in traditional and digital media, as responsible community advocates, activists, and educators.