Plan of Staging Event


We’ve scheduled a new event this year – a one day Staging Event on Saturday, October 18, 2014 at the Harwood Art Center. We’ve set a single morning conversation with a poetry reading in the evening. Our agenda for discussion is ambitious. We’ll consider how art and performance of culture are essential not only to major issues of our time, but also to offering the focus for growth and change we must address. Throughout the morning, we’ll discuss how we build community among artists and participants of all social, ethnic, educational, and cultural backgrounds, regional activists and advocates, and members of our community. We’ll discuss areas of concern that we have as an entire society.
We may consider
continuing our conversation in an afternoon session.

Saturday will also include an informal evening at the Harwood. The evening will feature winners of the West End Press Poetry Prize – Nick DePascal and Denise Bergman. Local and regional poets will also perform with lots of time scheduled for an open mic where community poets can showcase their work.