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Sustainability Resources

Albuquerque Cultural Conference

For those of you interested in finding more resources around sustainability, either local to NM or nationally/internationally, here’s a good starting place. I’ve compiled several places I’ve worked with or learned about in the last five years into the following downloadable PDF. Sustainability Resources Here are the slide presentations from both the composting/gardening workshop hosted […]

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Education and Gentrification–Where Do We Go From Here?

Albuquerque Cultural Conference

Talking about the educational institutions and their connections to the people they serve is always difficult. Problems stem from the role that the individuals play (or the ways that an individual has a connection) to those institutions. This is the same when discussing gentrification. How a person connects to the neighborhood/area mentioned brings problems to […]

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Day 2 of Conference

Albuquerque Cultural Conference

Today is the final day of this year’s conference. Lots of talk about education happening–with panels like Can Tuscon Happen Here?, Cosmopolitanism, Education for Freedom, and discussions about Poets in the Schools in the Slam panel around, it would be a hard topic to avoid. The institutions of education, new educational policies, controversies, community ed […]

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Export Proof Cities & Sustainability

Albuquerque Cultural Conference

Here’s a great article from Alternet about the local business movement and sustainability. We need more community members working toward sustainability here in the Southwest. We have some businesses and local organizations focused on sustainable practice that are doing great, but how can we motivate more businesses to work on their sustainability?

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Have you heard about the Undocubus?


The NY Times covers the story of the Undocubus–a bus full of undocumented people traveling from AZ to NC for the Democratic National Convention.  They’ll be coming through NM soon…

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Climate Change in the Southwest

Albuquerque Cultural Conference

Today I ran across this article in Indian Country Today about the signs of climate change already surfacing on tribal lands in our area. What can we do, as individuals and as a group, to help people see the dangers we are facing across state and national borders when it comes to climate change? How […]

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Non-panel Events at Conference

Albuquerque Cultural Conference

Hi everyone, I found this on the GOOD website today. It’s a $500 grant to make a community meal using local ingredients. I thought this might be a good opportunity for us to try at the conference–(maybe Robin would be able to help?) with a fairly simple recipe involving Chiles of course. Maybe doing a […]

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New book about interpersonal violence and activism: The Revolution Starts at Home

Albuquerque Cultural Conference

Here’s a wonderful interview with the editors of the The Revolution Starts at Home: Confronting Intimate Violence Within Activist Communities, courtesy of  Bitch Magazine: Towards the end of the interview, there’s quite a list of resources about interpersonal violence and activism as well.

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Cost of War

Albuquerque Cultural Conference

I’ve been thinking quite a lot about the costs of war, then I saw this post today: $9.7 billion a month. What would a $9.7 billion a month increase mean for our education system? Medicare? Welfare programs and unemployment? How much aid could we send to drought savaged areas and weather torn disaster areas […]

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