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April 20, 2013 Planning Conference Notes

Albuquerque Cultural Conference

Our Albuquerque Cultural Conference planning conference was held April 20, 2013. Among the ideas discussed at the meeting, Levi Romero discussed la cultura, which he said includes food, land, water, and community issues along with what is generally considered “culture”—paintings, dance, music, theater and other performances. As a result we are providing time for conference […]

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Education and Gentrification–Where Do We Go From Here?

Albuquerque Cultural Conference

Talking about the educational institutions and their connections to the people they serve is always difficult. Problems stem from the role that the individuals play (or the ways that an individual has a connection) to those institutions. This is the same when discussing gentrification. How a person connects to the neighborhood/area mentioned brings problems to […]

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Day 2 of Conference

Albuquerque Cultural Conference

Today is the final day of this year’s conference. Lots of talk about education happening–with panels like Can Tuscon Happen Here?, Cosmopolitanism, Education for Freedom, and discussions about Poets in the Schools in the Slam panel around, it would be a hard topic to avoid. The institutions of education, new educational policies, controversies, community ed […]

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Day 1 of the conference

Albuquerque Cultural Conference

There was a lot of excitement in the air at the Harwood yesterday. Highlights for me included hearing Roberto Rodriguez talk about running with his students from Tucson to Phoenix in 115 degree weather to protest HB 2281, which bans ethnic studies in Arizona. This run inspired others, called barrio runs, that activists – adults […]

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Panelist Antonia Darder in Truthout

Albuquerque Cultural Conference

Albuquerque Cultural Conference panelist, Antonia Darder, was interviewed this week for a piece with Antonia will be speaking Saturday afternoon with the Conference’s Panel Four: “Building a Culture of Resistance.” The link below takes you to the truthout article.  

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Barelas activists respond to ABQ Journal criticism

Albuquerque Cultural Conference

Javier is a panelist on Sunday, September 30th’s COMMUNITY OWNERSHIP AND COMMUNITY CULTURE. Rail Yards Project Not Fiscally Irresponsible By Javier Benavidez / Barelas Neighborhood Association and Ron Romero/Member, Barelas Community Coalition and Rail Yards Advisory Board on Mon, Aug 13, 2012 The Journal’s criticism of the city’s handling of the Rail Yards project in […]

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Export Proof Cities & Sustainability

Albuquerque Cultural Conference

Here’s a great article from Alternet about the local business movement and sustainability. We need more community members working toward sustainability here in the Southwest. We have some businesses and local organizations focused on sustainable practice that are doing great, but how can we motivate more businesses to work on their sustainability?

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Have you heard about the Undocubus?


The NY Times covers the story of the Undocubus–a bus full of undocumented people traveling from AZ to NC for the Democratic National Convention.  They’ll be coming through NM soon…

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