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Day 1 of the conference

Albuquerque Cultural Conference

There was a lot of excitement in the air at the Harwood yesterday. Highlights for me included hearing Roberto Rodriguez talk about running with his students from Tucson to Phoenix in 115 degree weather to protest HB 2281, which bans ethnic studies in Arizona. This run inspired others, called barrio runs, that activists – adults […]

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Ten Ways the Occupy Movement Changes Everything

Albuquerque Cultural Conference

In Albuquerque, as elsewhere, our own Occupy group has formed. It is continuing to hold space in front of the University of New Mexico grounds. The following essay was distributed by members of the group recently. We urge you to respond to us concerning this essay, keeping in mind as well the aims and goals […]

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Are there alternatives to prison?

Albuquerque Cultural Conference

Mandy Gardner writes: In Are Prisons Obsolete?, Angela Davis writes that in the U.S., “it is as if prison were an inevitable fact of life, like birth and death.” In other words, we take prisons for granted. we no longer question the necessity of their presence. Certainly, I considered prisons and their short-term corollaries, jails, […]

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Spoken Arts Panel

Albuquerque Cultural Conference

Spoken Arts Panel. Wow!  What a day. First, I want to say, “Thank you.” for letting me present and read with my friends. Second, I want to relay some thoughts on how I approached my panel and why.  I know many people don’t see the argument imbedded in my first question, “Spoken Word versus poetry,” […]

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Quick takes after the 2011 conference

Albuquerque Cultural Conference

From Lyle Daggett: It was very intense. I enjoyed all of the panels, though I found my energies fading toward the end of each day. This was likely, in part, because of the limited breaktime between the panels — one event after another, all day, both days. The previous two times I’ve been to the […]

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Day 2 of Cultural Conference

Albuquerque Cultural Conference

Just started the first panel on Sunday–Histories of Social & Community Action. It’s shaping up to be another great community activists meeting day. Yesterday was a great conference day from start to finish. Lots of great conversations about civil action, education, and publishing/writing.  Many people showed up throughout the day as well–at one point I […]

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Prison Writing and Performance

Albuquerque Cultural Conference

Mandy Gardner is a panelist on Prison Writing and Performance: the current situation and prospects for change.The panel is part of Albuquerque Cultural Conference’s Sunday morning theme of Resilience and the Word. Mandy says she is teaching creative writing at the Albuquerque county jail  to find ways to draw the incarcerated and marginalized women into […]

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NPR story: Does the Internet make you more–or less–connected?

Albuquerque Cultural Conference

One of the largest questions brought up about the techie world is the question of connection. Do we lose too much or gain more from our constant use of digital media? Dave Pell discusses the topic here: Everyone has to answer for themselves how connected or un-connected being online, checking their phone, using their […]

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From Manifest Destiny to Manifest Insanity

Albuquerque Cultural Conference

Roberto Rodriguez is a fighting teacher, one of the architects and defenders of Ethnic Studies programs in the Arizona state school system and a leading opponent of the right-wing drive to censor textbooks and ban statewide instruction in high school Mexican-American Studies. This battle is intrinsically connected with the militarization of the U.S.-Mexican border in […]

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For me, this is what the Cultural Conference has to offer: an animated forum for discussion and exchange.

Albuquerque Cultural Conference

Margaret Randall writes: Age has a lot to do with who I feel I am, and how I see myself today. Age for me means experience: where I have been, with whom, the mentors who continue to nourish me (even those long gone), the movements I’ve witnessed and in which I’ve been privileged to participate, […]

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