ABQ CC 2012


Crossing Borders: Personal, Regional, International

Our conference reacted in part to events in Tucson, Arizona this year. The Tucson School Board cancelled Chicano Studies classes in the public schools, confiscated a wide variety of books from the classrooms, and fired several teachers in the program. In reaction, a group called Librotraficante from Houston, Texas formed a caravan, “stealing” books back into Tucson in public protest; Albuquerque was one host to the caravan. For the conference we invited Roberto Rodriguez, Chicano studies teacher at University of Arizona, and other Tucson activists to join us at our meeting, “Crossing Borders: Personal, Regional, National.” Separate panels took up “The Southwest Border,” “Culture and Community of the Border,” and a broader subject, “Crossing Borders of Our Own.” The third panel addressed the topic of such personal borders as trauma, poverty, racial and cultural repression, and survival itself. Other topics of the meeting included building a culture of resistance, education for freedom, community ownership of its own culture, and community writing and publishing.